Capitalspice Inc

Capital Spice is a family owned importer and distributor of a number of food products from East Africa. We started as a retail grocery store ourselves in North Carolina est 2004. It was beautiful to see the excitement of our patrons as they found spices and ingredients that reminded them of home.

Since then we have been fortunate enough to share that same excitement with small business owners from across the world, living right here in the US. We now cater to retail grocery stores in major cities across the country. We do not insist on minimum quantities from our partners, instead we prefer to nurture our upcoming retailers.

The joy of helping families find the foods and aromas that bring them back home carries on. We have an Amazon Storefront to bring the products you miss most right to your doorstep!

Capitalspice inc is socially responsible organization and supports diverse non profits not related to its business and helping build strong foundation in the community. We are grateful for the opportunity to do so.